Tree and Tower

Challenge: Thursday Tree Love
Topic: 91

In contrast to the last photo, here is one from a number of years ago. The tree is absolutely full of mistletoe.

‘Tree and Tower’
Skenfrith castle




    • Well the castle was built in the 12thC not long after the conquest, but the ruins are mostly of the later 13thC building. So I suspect this was a seedling that blew in some time after the castle was ruinous – however it may have been the offspring of a tree that witnessed the castle in its heyday, who knows.


  1. Love this, Ken! Feels like a part of history and the one having many stories to tell. Very beautiful. So glad you shared. Thank you for joining and I hope to see you back tomorrow 🙂

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  2. Looks like a Tarot card and post title sounds like that too 😉 I have never seen a mistletoe tree. Infact I think I relate to it as a Xmas decoration but never wondered about the tree. Thanks for sharing this.

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    • The Mistletoe is a parasite on the Host tree, I cannot remember what the host tree was, a reason for another visit maybe :). I had never thought of a photographic Tarot deck, that is an interesting thought.


  3. What an intriguing photo! There’s the relationship between the tower and the tree. Then as I look closer, the wall and the cattle in the distance. It’s a place to stimulate the imagination with stories.

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