Power angels.

Challenge: Weekly Prompts: Weekend Challenge
Topic: Invent slang

This weekend our challenge here on Weekly Prompts is Invent Slang!

Partner GC and I suggest you caption an image by adopting the teenage trend of replacing words/phrases with an invented word/phrase of your own. Your readers will have fun attempting to guess what your phrase means!

Well this is a lot harder than it first sounds. I can in fact imagine a lot of slang, being an occasional song smith means I often make up words, or bend words to new meanings. And a slang dictionary is never far away for inspiration.

However then finding an image to go with the new slang, or finding an image, and then looking for the slang, well that was hard. However here is my entrant.

‘Power angels’

Power angels

The Hills I once knew as a child,
Where I once walked and dreamed,
Are now the home to noisy angels,
Who reach to sky and scream.

There was a power in those hills,
Now power in the sky,
And now I choose to tread the paths,
Where Power angels lie.



  1. Love the poem and I love your description of the wind farm. I’m one of those odd people who actually like seeing these angels dotted around the hillsides.
    Thank you, Ken 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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