Challenge: Friday Fun
Topic: Another

There is a part of me that will always refer to a ‘Pasty’ as an ‘Oggie’. These are actually ‘Cornish pasties’, all the way from Ann’s Pasties, we had a delivery for my wife’s birthday as we where missing Cornwall!

‘Oggie’ is an abbreviated version of the Cornish word “Hoggan”, which means pasty. The welsh pasty has always been known as an ‘Oggy’ or and ‘Oggie’. This is unsurprising as the languages are so close to each other. Mush debate will ensue around who owns the term ‘Oggie’, what should, and should not be put in one, and who has the right to answer, “Oi Oi Oi!”

I do not really mind, I just enjoy eating them.




    • Well I am a veggie so I am in no way traditional in the Cornish or Welsh sense. The Cornish pasty shop used to do a really nice Stilton and mushroom pasty, and I do like a vegetable pasty, however I think for me it has to be – ‘Cheese and Onion’. Of course my favourite pasties, Anne’s, and Pengenna both from Cornwall are pretty heavy on the cheese (not at all like general shop bought) , but both have a goodly amount of potato and turnip/swede along with the onion. Hmm now I am hungry!

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