Satisfaction & achievement.

Challenge: Friendly Friday Challenge
Topic: Capturing a Feeling

Those feelings we both get in the morning at the moment, having rolled out of bed, and then when we have walked up the hill behind our house and can survey the view over the vale.

‘Satisfaction & achievement’

Always slightly tiring, no matter how many times we do it! You would think it would be easier after 3-4 months of morning walks. The way down is less taxing though.




  1. This brings to mind a holiday in St Ives a few years ago. Our B&B was up a steep hill followed by two flights of stone steps, another incline and then we were on the second floor! By the end of two weeks this will be much easier we said…guess what- it didn’t get any easier! especially after an evening out for dinner. Your view is amazing and well worth the effort i’m sure 🙂

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    • Missing my St. Ives visit this year, I could say I can almost imagine where your B&B was, but given there are a lot of inclines followed by steps. . . and there are so many places to get scrummy food!

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