October visitor

Challenge: Lens-Artists Photo Challenge
Topic: #106: Autumn

We hope you will join us for this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #106 Autumn and share your images of this season. What does autumn look like in your part of the world? What does this season mean to you personally?

Autumn the season where the leaves begin to brown and fall from the trees, it gets damper, though living in the UK, and Wales in particular. . . sometimes the difference goes unnoticed. I remember my autumns of youth, rushing about and kicking leaves into the air, the beginning of a school year after the long ‘hot’ summer holiday. They are of course only hot in memory. Then later on in life the start of a new university year, new students to meet. Living by the ‘seaside’ it was also the end of the ‘summer season’, holiday makers now departed, the coastal resorts now left deserted, and nightclubs now only filled with locals.

Autumn has always held a little melancholy feeling for me, the end of something, but with the promise of something new just around the corner, and I have always thought that there is that ‘Autumn smell’ that you get in the air.

However in recent years summer has begun to blur straight into winter, I am not sure where autumn has gone, perhaps it is just my age, or perhaps it really is a change in climate. I think I must be the only photographer without a good stock of ‘Autumnal’ photos, where are all my photos of golden leaves, the fruits of the season, and empty stems? They just do not really appear in my archive, and where they do, I have autumnal looking photos, but they were not taken in the months normally associated with autumn.

And so perhaps this could be a year where I find chance to rectify that, perhaps my morning walks will be filled with fallen leaves, damp skies, and branches that are becoming bare. So here is a photo taken in an autumn month, of a rather splendid visitor to our garden, the leaves are only just beginning to fade from green, but the rose-hips are at least ripened.

‘October visitor’

And because last week I used a photo a of the May blossom, on a hawthorn tree, here is another picture of the berries that will be evident 6 months on.

‘Berries and stones’




  1. Hi, Ken. That second shot really strikes me as encapsulating the mood of autumn–its uncertainty, beauty, and moodiness. Beautiful capture. Like you, I’m hoping to replenish my autumn images this year!

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  2. I find myself in your thoughts and pondering, Ken. And I don’t want to lose a season or two. Later years has sort of reduced autumn and winter into…a drizzling period of almost half a year. Loved your images – and your beautiful visitor I have in my garden as well. Not welcome when he gets away with some blue tit or other little one. Even if he is a beauty…

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    • Ye alas the seasons are becoming less marked, for some of us any way, for others the extremes are expanding. Yes poor little birds, between hawks and cats they have to be careful.

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