Peas, pod, trousers, shoes.

Challenge: One word Sunday Challenge
Topic: Pair

So today was one of those days where I wanted some ‘new’ photos, instead of trawling through the archive. Therefore in keeping with the challenge, a pair of photographs, both showing a pair, of pairs.

First up, after a trip to the top of the garden with the idea in mind of ‘like peas in a pod’, this purple podded pea happily yielded two sets of pairs on opposing paired sides of the pod.

‘Like peas in a pod’

And then, I keep meaning to take some photos like this, two shots, one with an object in, and one without. Then combine them removing part of the object, the object in this case being me. An added bonus in this photo being the pair of chairs I had not thought about.

‘A pair of shoes and trousers’




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