Lane to freedom

Challenge: Lens-Artists Photo Challenge
Topic: #108: Sanctuary

This week Tranature is the guest artist, and we are asked:

This week we invite you to share what Sanctuary means to you, where you find it or how you create your place of calm and healing.

Walking up this lane in the mornings has become part of my lockdown ritual, I feel safe within the sanctuary of its banks. It is also a sanctuary for the mind, it takes me from house to ridgeway where I can look out over the landscape I so often share pictures of here, at the moment.

‘Lane to freedom’

Although I feel safe walking between these banks, of late I have begun to feel constrained, kept in by those very banks that keep me safe as I make my morning transit from urban dwelling to the natural, and then back again.

I long to go further afield, to seek sanctuary in distant places, to walk in wild lands, to visit places that recharge me.

So here is one such place that I like to return to to recharge, to seek sanctuary from modern life. Alas it looks like this year I will not be able to make the journey.

‘Ancient sanctuary’
Long Meg and her daughters



  1. A beautiful image of Long Meg Ken, it looks and feels like the kind of place you can revisit in your meditations time and time again 💚

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  2. I think we’re all feeling a bit that way Ken. No matter how beloved or beautiful, if we are constrained by external forces to remain in one place it can become our prison. I try to remember those who are confined to much less beautiful places and I feel better knowing how fortunate I am. Your morning walk looks very lovely – somehow living in a hot, humid climate I can feel the coolness of your morning stroll through your image.

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