Is this the droid you are looking for?

Challenge: Weekly Prompts: Wednesday Challenge
Topic: Characters

This wednesday Sue and GC asked:

For this challenge we leave the definition of the word “character” up to you. The object of your photo/text can be a human, favourite pet, or whatever you like.

Tell us why you chose this character and share your insights and views on this character. All entries are welcomed whether words or pictures. Have fun.

Well this little guy was quite the character in his time, and the on screen version of R2D2 still is!

Smart, always solving the problem, and with humour, though prone to getting in a huff! Its odd that we know all that from something that only spoke to us in bleeps, and through the medium of a golden interpreter.

‘Is this the droid you are looking for?’

I didn’t own any other Star wars figures, but for some reason I wanted R2, there was something in the character of this little droid that shone out. A veteran of a thousand childhood games.




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