Where pilgrims trod.

Challenge: Lens-Artists Photo Challenge
Topic: #115 – Inspiration

This week Tina poses us the challenge of ‘Inspiration‘.

We look forward to seeing your thoughts and images on what inspires YOU.

Well I think it is safe to say that most of my inspiration comes for the ‘natural’ world. On a daily basis this happens to be the Welsh hills, mountains, valleys and waterways I am lucky enough to have on my doorstep. However this source of inspiration expands out from Wales through the UK, and then on to the rest of the world.

Whether it be in my photography, music, art and daily life, my inspiration is drawn from the natural world. But it is the interaction we have as humans with it that is the spark of that interaction, for is there anything truly ‘natural’ left that humans have not shaped? But this would be to assume we ourselves lie outside ‘nature’, and are not a part of it.

This is not my position at all, preferring a view that we are all part of a homologous existence, all shaping one another. However this ‘natural world’ in its present form is fragile, and can change, as it has done before, in the blink of an eye.

So I am inspired I think by anything, and everything, and this morning that inspiration comes from this challenge. My interaction with the word ‘inspiration’, the resultant words that poured forward onto this page, are all a result of the inspiration that this challenge sparked, whilst the photograph is from another moment of inspiration, but both are united within this blog post, all part of on great form of inspiration which exists for us to draw upon.

‘Where pilgrims trod’

The photo was taken the same day as last weeks One small tree and is of the ridgeway walk that lies behind our house once part of a pilgrimage route to Margam Abbey, and then further to St. Davids.




  1. That was a REALLY interesting view of the challenge Ken, I love the way you tied your personal inspiration, to that of the challenge, and to all of us as part of the whole with nature. Excellent take on it!

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  2. Although I’ve never travelled to your part of the world, I would certainly like to do so, based upon your photography and philosophy. It seems peaceful where you are — lovely pastoral scenes everywhere. Thanks for sharing this with us this week.

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