Repurposed lines.

Challenge: Lens-Artists Photo Challenge
Topic: #116 – Symmetry

This week Patti poses us the challenge of ‘Symmetry‘.

This week, we invite you to explore Symmetry as a way to create dramatic and impactful images.  Show us your images that use vertical, horizontal and/or radial symmetry inspires YOU.

Well I am not sure that ‘I’ have used symmetry in this picture, but rather I have responded to the symmetry that the architects/builders ensured was already present for me to view, stolen their perfect three dimensional structures, and committed them to the two dimensional.

I chose this shot because it looks so very like one of the reflected images that I so often produce, like Triplicate arch also from Fountains abbey, however in the case of the photo below the symmetry is all natural.

Symmetry in buildings is so often used to inspire a feeling of harmoniousness, and peace, most often recognisable in religious buildings. Clever architects then break these symmetrical rules to import meaning to specific areas of a building, just as we can do in our photography.

‘Repurposed lines’
Fountains abbey




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