Sky, sea, cliff.

Challenge: One word Sunday Challenge
Topic: Skyline

Well I decided that I had wanted to use a non urban photo, and so I thought I would use a photo of just the sky meeting the sea, the most minimal of ‘skylines’ I could get away with.

However as I started looking through some recent photos this one started screaming at me to be used, and so I had to. If that cliff were a series of buildings, and the sea and open urban space, it would be a fairly classic ‘skyline’ photo, however it is not the sort of image that imediatly makes you think skyline.

‘Sky, sea, cliff.’



  1. It may not be what you think of for “skyline” but it is, however, my preferred sort of skyline. Cityscapes I generally prefer to see from a distance or in a fantastic photo. Nature-scapes I’d usually love to see in person, such as this one. Mine this week does include a traditional skyline but in a completely different way. Lovely shot!


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    • “Not at all what I think of – skyline as a word has become very much associated with cities and buildings.” – Indeed, which was why I immediately thought I might challenge that perception. Lets face it ‘skyline’ existed before homo sapien sapien.


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