Books and Music.

Challenge: Friendly Friday Challenge
Topic: Smiles

This week’s Friendly Friday Photo Challenge is to share pictures of SMILES and the stories behind them.

‘What a smile’

This playmobil person has a great smile!

One of the things that has made me smile this year has been that early on in ‘Lockdown’, we discovered ‘The Bookshop Band‘, for 21 weeks they held a Friday night Lockdown show that brought a number of old and new fans alike together to listen to their music and their tales.

Their songs are based on books, and as a way of a ‘fanboy’ thank you, when it came to their final lockdown show, we created a small diorama to immortalise the event. It featured Playmobil and a few specially printed models, to sort of replicate the room we had seen them perform in over the previous weeks.

‘Books and Music’

If you like music with a folky feel, or just like books go and give them a listen – ‘The Bookshop Band‘. Their facebook page is a good place to have a listen. Last week they were keeping us entertained as part of the Wigtown Book festival, with a breakfast show.

Remember to buy your music from artists, and books from independent bookshops where ever possible.




  1. Very nice & different spin on the challenge. Thanks for introducing the band. It is a very folksy feel & I can imagine spending hours in bookshop with their music in the background.

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