Challenge: Weekly Prompts: Weekend Challenge
Topic: Where the Heart is

This weekend Sue and GC ask:

Where does your heart lie, and what’s important to you? Is it a person, a place, an activity or something else entirely?

Well it is fair to say I had quite an emotional reaction to the topic of this weeks challenge, due to the current situation we are all in. I found it quite hard to think of how I would answer this in words or pictures without feeling broken by the effort of doing so, would I pour my heart onto the page (Screen), in an emotionally charged manner.

However after some thought, I decided to keep it simple, where is my heart:-

  • It is in my body, my chest, but very often ‘in my mouth’ at the moment.
  • It is in the home, where so very often we all are at the moment.
  • It is with my family and my friends.
  • It is in my thoughts and my creativity, my life and my longing.
  • And it is with all of you who should pass by and read this.


And for those of you who do not know the word ‘Cwtch’, it is a Welsh word for a cuddle or hug, but it’s also more than that. It also means a cubbyhole or cupboard; a small space in which to store things safely. But it is the blending of these two that gives you the real meaning. It is a hug for those that your heart sings to, those that you would wish to keep safe.

This page goes some way to describe it Cwtch the hug invented by the welsh “It’s an emotionally significant embrace and an intrinsically Welsh word that evokes a sense of home.” and “‘Hug’ and ‘cuddle’ might be serviceable English equivalents, but neither of them will ever convey everything that ‘cwtch’ does“.




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