A place to hide secrets.

Challenge: Lens-Artists Photo Challenge
Topic: #119 – My Hideaway

This week Leya poses us the challenge of ‘My hideaway‘.

This week, I thought we should go inside for communication – A Hideaway, is a place to which a person can retreat for safety, privacy, relaxation, to seek seclusion or refuge. Where or What is Your hideaway? We are looking forward to seeing your interpretations…and revelations!.

Well I could have just posted a photo of my laptop, as that is where I more often or not hide, playing games, editing photos, blogging, oh and making music.

The laptop would not have been a particularly interesting photo. So here are some of the instruments I choose to hideaway with, in a physical sense, and to lose myself, and hide my feelings within in a more metaphorical sense.

‘A place to hide secrets’

And also a link to a tune that is currently a bit of a work in progress:



    • Hi Tina – yes I did change my pic recently 🙂 Shame you could not get the tune to play (Though no bass on this one), I know others got it to play – I wonder if it was a device/browser issue.


  1. A very special way of hiding…quite exquisite. Your music in progress sounds great, soft but distinct. Love the guitar play. Somehow I missed out on the fact that you sing as well – thought you were “only” instrumental. Thank you for this treat, Ken.


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