Welsh Lockdown (Sunday 25th October): Walking and games.

The second full day of the second Welsh lockdown and the weather was much better. I pottered around in the morning, posted a couple of blogs, and edited some photos.

In the afternoon however we turned to No. 5 in the Lockdown Leaflet list – Go for a walk / Nature walk, of course it was to be our usual walk these days. Heading off out of the house we first walk across a playing field.

Dependent on the time of day we usually encounter dog walkers but today was quiet.

From here we emerge onto a lane that takes us up toward the ridgeway. It is not a long walk but it is all up hill, so it does get the blood pumping. The first part of the lane has overhanging trees, so yesterday there were quite a few drips from the previous rainfall.

The lane then narrows, and is open to the sky, with steep banks either side. The surface has a fair few potholes and finally grass creeps onto the central portion where tyres do not wear it away.

Finally we reach our destination, not the ridgeway, but halfway up the lane where we can look out over the vale of Glamorgan.

We stand and survey the landscape for a while, next to a radio mast that we have christened ‘Ice station Zebra’, we only really used to walk up here in the snow, and therefore named it thus.

Sometimes we see Buzzards, Red Tailed Kites, and Hawks, today however was limited to Crows and Seagulls, so we did not really do number 7 from the leaflet – Bird-watching. So eventually it was time to turn around and walk back down the hill.

We do not quite walk back the same way we came, around 3/4 of the way down we head into the field behind our house.

There is a slight detour in the field, in early spring we used to stand by the fence and watch the rabbits in the neighbouring field underneath the trees, so now we go and watch the ‘invisible bunnies’, we do however see cows and sheep.

Returning to the house we decided to do number 2 from our care leaflet – Play a game. We recently backed a Kickstarter game called ‘On the origin of species’. It is rather good, and was a lovely way to round off a Sunday afternoon. The chocolates helped as well!

Here is Arrastoneglade’s take on the day – Welsh Lockdown (Sunday 25th October): Walk and game


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