Welsh Lockdown (Saturday 31st October): Nos Galan Gaeaf / Samhain / Hallowe’en

More thoughts from my better half.


Too lazy/busy for a walk today, even though the miserable weather brightened up in the afternoon. Instead we harvested a few things from our garden.

Unbelievably we managed to pick a few tomatoes from the greenhouse, we also gathered in our small squash harvest.

We had a lot of squash plants growing and flowering this year (a massive improvement from last year when the slugs ate all the plants before they really got going). However, we didn’t get that many squashes – some were eaten on the vine, or just rotted before they got too big. However, we did manage to harvest some.

I managed No. 11 (Have a Zoom with your friends) and celebrated the day with them. This involved the creation of memorial sticks (thinking about loved ones who have departed), and the consuming of cake (made yesterday) and mead. No. 3 (Eat a cake

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