A last sunrise before work.

Challenge: Lens-Artists Photo Challenge
Topic: #122: The Sun will come out Tomorrow

This week Anvica’s gallery asks us to think of ‘The Sun will come out Tomorrow’

Of course I to am reminded of little orphan Annie, and her abundance of optimism, but we do all need some of that at the moment.

Already my world seems to have changed dramatically again with the changing of the seasons. I was always aware of the seasons, but this year their effect on me has been keener. In just a few weeks I have gone from being able to venture outside and greet the morning sun before I start work, to it being too dark to do so, even with the clocks going back an hour.

If the weather is clement I can still catch the sunset after work, but the temperate is not now so conducive to making me want to do so. So for now one of the benefits of working from home during this oddest of times appears to be, that I can pick a moment to dodge rain showers, watching for that moment when the sun might break through the clouds, and venture out for an afternoon ramble.

Here is one of the sunrises I was able to catch before starting work earlier in the year.

‘A last sunrise before work’

The sun will come out tomorrow, and we can strive to make it a better day.




  1. A very interesting and different perspective on one of the very few positive effects of the virus Ken. Your image is lovely – glad you got to enjoy it before the seasons made it less enjoyable!

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