A lone stone.

Challenge: VJ’s Weekly Challenge
Topic: What pulls on your soul?

This week VJ asks us to take a moment to read a quotation, to think, and ponder what it draws from within us.

“What in your life is calling you,
When all the noise is silenced,
The meetings adjourned…
The lists laid aside,
And the Wild Iris blooms
By itself
In the dark forest…
What still pulls on your soul?”
― Melvana Rumi

When my mind is stilled, I think of wide open spaces, of nature, and my being longs to be there.
I think of our place, our role within this space, and the impact we have had over many years.
And within the stillness in my mind I hear music, and draw upon the wellspring of inspiration.
And my soul yearns to create.

‘A lone stone’
West Penwith



    • “The standing stone seems like a woman overlooking the land.” – Indeed, and quite often at different sites there is sometimes one similar, guardians watching over the landscape.

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