A love of music, books and art.

Challenge: Weekly Prompts: Weekend Challenge
Topic: Plastic
Challenge: Lens – Artists
Topic: #135: Glimpse into your world.
Challenge: One Word Sunday Challenge
Topic: Feeling

Today is Valentines day, and while I am not a big fan of the consumerism that surrounds this day, I am feeling the love.

Today we will be enjoying our shared love of music. From 2p.m. onwards we will be watching the ‘Folk on Foot Festival of LOVE‘ on Facebook, followed at 8.30 p.m by the ‘The Bookshop Bands Lockdown Book Show Valentines Edition

So how have I fit these things into 3 challenges today?

Well it certainly gives you a glimpse into our world, for at least today anyway, though you probably already knew I liked music, and books, art, models, photography! . . . . But what of ‘Feeling’, well I can now reveal the project I was working on when I took the photo for my ‘Love is all you need‘ post.

‘A love of music, books and art.’

A little Diorama that features a representation of ‘The Bookshop Band’, and some of their songs that they draw inspiration from books to craft. Their music really has kept me sane during the past year, and I love listening to it.

But what of ‘Plastic’? Well it is a horrible polluting substance, especially when thrown away, so please recycle and reuse, but where would I be without it?

The ‘Playmobil’ figures in this photo, the camera that took the photo, and the computer that I edited the photo upon, where would I be without plastic for this post! What of Cd’s and Vinyl, the tuner for my guitar . . . Plastic does have its uses, when used responsibly.

I am also ‘Feeling’ rather full after eating half of my Valentines gift from my wife last night (I let her eat the other half), a magnificent, Cheese and Onion ‘Cornish Pasty’ heart all the way from Ann’s Pasties. And without ‘Plastic’ it would not have arrived in a manner fit to eat. It also gives you a ‘Glimpse’ into my love of food. Tonight we have a delivery of burgers from ‘Blas‘ also in Cornwall (a photo will have to wait until I have assembled and cooked them).

Cornish Gold

And just to finish off this post I thought I would finish up with a song for you, another glimpse into my life, always written with feeling, but sometimes a bit plastic :), here is ‘A lovers sweet wildside’.



  1. The pasty looks delicious and now I’m hungry, it must be lunchtime.

    I love how you managed to fit all the challenges into one one post – well done. Happy Valentine’s Day to you both. Enjoy

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  2. Well – how you managed so well fitting this together – well done! And plastic – always a topic. Just how much do we produce, and what’s the replacement. Loved your tune – and Cornish Gold of course.

    Liked by 1 person

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