Baywatch – Going around the coast.

Challenge: Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge
Topic: The Bend

Well its been a long while since I posted anything! And this seems the perfect topic to make a return on.

For the early part of the year with many stresses and strains I really did at times fell like I was was ‘Going round “The bend”, a mixture of personal and the wider world problems. Sometimes you have to step back and evaluate your position in the world, look at all the good things, and buckle down and deal with the crud that is being dealt to you, and that you can change, even though it sometimes feels that it is an impossible mountain to climb.

So the other week we actually managed to get away and have a short holiday in the Van, holidays – I just about remember how to do them! – take lots of photos, relax. On one of the days we found ourselves in Criccieth, what a graceful ‘Bend’ this bit of coastline has.


It was great getting away for a few days and travelling up the Welsh coastline, batteries in the van and in the soul slowly recharging. So around that bend with a good patch of straight road ahead again 🙂




  1. A very warm welcome back, Ken.

    I’m so glad you managed to get away and have a much needed holiday, it looks very beautiful down there. 🙂


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