Letter box red.

Challenge: Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge
Topic: Forty Shades of Red

Well I could not find many red shades in my album this year, its more greens and yellows, and I do like to use current photos where possible, or at least those I have not used on a blog post before, so . . .

First up a classic shade of red taken on a trip to North Wales in July.

Letter box red

And a fairly frequent flash of colour in our garden.

Woodpecker Bottom red!

And finally not really red, more orange-Brown, but there is no orange without red, right?

Rust red



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  1. Good choice, Ken, and what a coincidence, my first title for Nan’s Farm was Postbox Red and instead of the poppy on the banner I had a postbox just like yours! Then I changed my mind and put a poppy on the banner instead!

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