Made to share – Pies, hotspots, bread & Oompa-Loompas!

Challenge: Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge
Topic: Sharing

There seems to have been so little chance of sharing things in our physical world for the last 21 months, though we have continued to share in a virtual way. Pictures, stories, opinions, have been shared with friends and strangers alike as our world grew seemingly smaller, yet larger in shared experience.

So my first photo is from ‘The world before’, every year with friends we get together to share a Yule meal, some times more than 1 meal! This is the 2019 Yule pie, to be shared with friends, good wine and conversation. Alas last year the Yule pies had to be made in separate houses, which meant I had to share my recipe.

Yule meal

Alas this year it once again looks like we will be cooking in our own homes and then sharing the virtual experience of overindulgence via virtual means – the one silver lining, no one has to drive.

So we share our house with two furry bundles of joy, Roswell and Falco. Anyone who has cats knows that there are various hotspots that seem to be their preferred places for snoozing. This must be where they recharge their purr batteries! The hotspots our two are very good about sharing the hotspots, which oddly stay in one place for a few weeks and then move to another location.

Sofa hotspot

It does however become a problem when the hotspot location coinsides with a spot you want to sit, or in the case of the below, sleep!

This is our bed hooman!

Perhaps today will be a baking day! I do fancy some fresh bread, hopefully the loaf will turn out as good as this one from last year.

Just add cheese and chutney.

And so on to my last picture to share, last year when we were visiting friends to drop of shopping, they would dress up for us, and I in turn would edit the photo of them, and then share it with our wider circle of friends on Facebook. It was a way of keeping in touch and sharing some joy at our connectedness. I have shared some of these in this blog, but this was one of my favourites. Along with friends it contains references to a book, film and of course chocolate, all of which are exceptional things to share.

The golden ticket



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