Food, cats, and gate fold album covers.

Challenge: Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge
Topic: Experiment

So this was an interesting challenge to respond to, so first we will delve into a culinary experimentation from earlier in the year.

Blackberry ice cream, and meringue

Ok so the meringue was not quite as aesthetically pleasing as it could have been, but it was all lush tasting, and at the end of the day I only had myself and Karen to please!

Next up a picture of Falco.

I readz

So one day I came downstairs to find Falco was curled up with the book I had been reading, was he experimenting with the written word?

And finally, by now most of you know I enjoy experimenting with some of my photos. So here is one voyage into experimentation.

Here is the original image.

Fresh from the Camera

Then we have the tinkering and tweaking.

And then finally we end up with, I think a late 80’s, early 90’s gate fold album cover for an obscure artist.

A world of dreams

Well I could have continued, I am now thinking that a hovering UFO at the top middle might be a suitable addition! In fact that little flash right in the middle is almost suggestive of a flying saucer.



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