Winter’s tails, tales, & days.

Challenge: Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge
Topic: Winter’s Day

So like most of us my first thought of a Winters day is probably of snow, even though a winters day here is more likely to bring rain, or currently it seems, sunshine! So here is a panoramic shot from earlier this year.


I did however like Sue’s post A WINTER’S TALE over at Nan’s Farm. I do like hearing David Essex singing a winters tale at this time of the year, apart from that song I think I only know Silver dream machine. No pictures of winter bikes in my archive though.

So I was think ing of ‘A Winter’s tale’ which made me think of two things, Christmas, and our cats, so here is a picture to combine the two.

Winter’s tails

So now I find myself thinking I need to go off and create a picture of ‘A city of two tails’, but without the time to do so today. But perhaps this will do for now, I guess the animal below might have had a tail, and maybe a tale to tell, where were they going so early in the morning on the freshly fallen snow.

Tail up! Paws down.

And finally another snowy shot, the ruined Church up above where we live, worth the walk on a Winter’s day.



  1. Ken, thank you so much for mentioning my Nan’s Farm post and for your kind comments.

    Thank you also for linking to our Weekly Prompts Winter’s Day Challenge.

    I love the way your two cats position themselves under the tree like extra Christmas gifts. 🙂

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