Discarded at the roadside.

Challenge: Weekly prompts weekend challenge
Topic: Ugly

Earlier in the year, on a walk to visit ancient sites we passed a mound of fly-tipped material at the side of an otherwise beautiful country lane. This incongruous imposition of man-made detritus upon against the natural was ugly!

Or was it?

It did after all stop and make me take a picture. Was I responding to my outrage at what we had found, or was I seeing something hidden behind the ugliness.

Discarded at the roadside.

I used to be your favourite
And you filled up all your time
Taking me from here to there
But I should have noticed signs


You used to take me dancing
Your imagination running wild
To realms of unbound fantasy
But you were then only child

And so

As time went by your interest
Dwindled like the gutting flame
A victim of my own power perhaps
Now shelved with those the same

So discarded

By the roadside
By those who chose to dare
Not taken from your hands, but secretly
When you were not aware


We used to be your favourites
You saw us every day
But now we lie forgotten
Because we all got in the way

Will you miss us?




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