Rocky outcrop and electric angels.

Challenge: Weekly prompts weekend challenge
Topic: Whitish

Well it had to be a snowy picture really didn’t it for a challenge like whitish? This from the last time we had some ‘decent’ snow, in January 2021. I quite like the snow as long as I don’t need to get anywhere.

Rocky outcrop and electric angels
Brynna ridgeway

I lay as still as the hard black stone
Covered by a white sheet now slightly soiled by sleep
Panic for the coming day
Rising deep from within
Unbidden bed guest at my side
Denying the chance to dream
Filling me with your whispers
Seeding me with doubt
I catalogue the unhappened
Division into Black and into White
Creating an imagined truth from other
Preparing for the un-coming
A softer resolution
The invisible balm
When dreaming
Would be an angel’s gift




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