Harry & I & Billy & Mr Reeve

So another photo from the ‘Humphreys’ photo album, I think it is Harry rather than Mary, but I’m not sure. Out for a drive, and looking like extras from ‘Peaky blinders’.

Set3e-editThis one had a few nasty tears and spots, but the photo was so evocative of the time I just had to rescue it.


Ancient spinner – Cees black white photo challenge: textures

For this weeks challenge I filtered through my photos for something with a bit of texture, and came up with this – Its a spider web inside the fogou at Carn Euny.  If you do not know what a fogou is – well no one else does really either – a quick search online will furnish you with some answers.


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Dropping off the end of the world – PHOTO CHALLENGE: Depth

I found it quite hard to choose a suitable photo for this weeks Photo challenge “Depth”.  Should I just go down the depth of field route? should it have something to do with water?

Anyway in the end I picked this taken at Dyrham park:


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A face from the past

I have recently started scanning photos from an old family album.  It contains photos from 1870 – 1940 of people whom I have no idea who they are, only that they are related to me in some way.  They range from photos taken in Birmingham to Melbourne, from Ireland to South Africa, and they all have a tale to tell.  They speak to me of times past, lives lived, and enrich my place in the world, for without them I would not be who I am.  So over the next year expect quite a few of these people to show their faces.

So first on the list we have this dapper gentleman from Birmingham.
WorkI have no idea who he is, but he is probably a Humphreys, and on close examination of the photograph a 6×10 cm shot, the tie has a weave very similar to one which is in my wardrobe which I was told belonged to my Great grandfather, so who knows.

There is something in his eyes, a sort of haunted look, as if he wants to tell us that something is going to happen.

Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Roadscapes – As I was going to St. Ives

Well I have been rather busy of late, and thus I’ve had little time to blog.  So for a first image of 2015 one of my favorite places on this planet – St. Ives.  It just so happens it’s of a little back road at night, and so eligible for Cee’s Black & White Challenge “Roadscapes” this week.DSC00943edit-Editedit

Using photos to capture life