Last – Friday Foto Fun: Mythical

For this weeks Friday Foto Fun we have been asked:

Please share are mythical photo, poem or story?

While actually a real historical person and not a ‘mythic’ character, I decided to use this photo of the statue of ‘Llywelln ap Gruffudd’ taken on our recent trip through Llandovery, it was created by sculptors Toby and Gideon Petersen and has stood on the castle mound above the town since 2001, the 600th anniversary of his death.

While a real person there are obviously many myths that surround him, and he has of course featured in several historical fictional novels.

‘Last’, Llandovery, 2019.Last



Talley tree – Sunday Trees: 390

For this Sunday’s trees challenge from Becca I decided to use this as we had visited Talley Abbey this week, and the tree in question was visible from both Abbey and Church, I ended up with a few photos of it, but this is one of my favourites.

‘Talley tree’, Talley Abbey, 2019.ST390


Visible – One word Sunday Challenge: Pollution

This week Debbie has challenged us with the following:

Welcome to One Word Sunday, and over to all of you to join the challenge with your own pollution post.

I could not bring myself to post a picture of rubbish, litter, fly tipping, a dump, plastic at the beach, chemical scum on water, factories discharging waste into a river or sky, or any of the other pollutants I have encountered.  It is much to sunny a May morning for that, however it is important that we do think of these things, keep them at the forefront of our mind, and work out what part we can play in reducing the  impact of pollution that we have caused.  To be brutal and blunt about it, we should be worried, maybe not for the planet she will ‘probably’ survive in some form or another, and maybe some people do not care for the flora and fauna we are loosing at an alarming rate.  No what we should make people aware of, that will perhaps bring it home to them is that it will directly affect their health, some of us, and maybe some readers may suffer ill health or even die as a direct result of our monstrously pollutant ways, and are doing so already, and have been for some time.

Well with that sad start to a post . . . I decided to use a photo of pollution that is largely invisible, rearing its ugly head only when the sun has set, appearing to frustrate the photographer, sky watcher, ghost hunter, twitcher and astronomer alike: Light Pollution.  Although sometimes the photographer can use this to their benefit, many are the times that it has affected my sleep!

‘Visible’, Brynna Common, 2015.Visible


Sunset sounds – Lens Artists Photo Challenge #44 – Harmony

This week Tina challenges us with:

This is your opportunity to share your favorite harmonies. Give us your best yoga pose, or your favorite musician at work, or perhaps a happy couple arm in arm – whatever floats your boat (especially if it’s on a warm yellow/orange sunset or a cool blue sunrise 😊).

Well my first photo is of the band Shillelagh playing at Pentreffest Rudry, beautiful musical harmonies, dancers in harmony with the music, and a distinct harmonising palette on stage.

‘Beautiful harmonies’, Pentreffest Rudry, 2015.Beautiful harmonies

And because it does ‘float my boat’, and Tina asked fo it, a ‘warm yellow/orange’ sunset, from last years trip to Dumfries and Galloway.

‘Golden Nith’, Glencaple, 2018.Golden Nith


Under Yellow skies – Weekly Prompts: Yellow

This weekend GC and SueW have chosen ‘Yellow’ as the theme for their challenge.

This weekend your Saturday Photo Challenge is Yellow.
At the start of 2019, GC and I introduced a monthly colour challenge, and for the month of May we have opted for the colour YELLOW.
During the early 1970s, those of you old enough to remember will know that yellow was a popular colour choice for home decor. Like most things from that era, the colour has made a modern day comeback. These days instead of teaming up with purple (my questionable choice back then), the colour is more likely to be found toned down slightly, and nestling comfortably alongside grey.

Well for my first photo I went with a very predictable Yellow flower, I love yellow and green together.

‘Yellow and green, together are seen’, Trengwainton Garden, 2016.Yellow and green, together are seen

I also love purple, and as Sue mentioned purple, I happen to like purple paired with green!  however Sue’s 70’s preference was yellow and purple, so here is a photo taken this week when we visited Laugharne, looking out across the water from Dylan Thomas’ Boathouse.

‘Dylan Dreams’, Laugharne, 2019.WPCYellowb

Alas I feel I have captured more of the 80’s in the above though.  We also had a purple room in the 70’s, Deep royal purple! and to go with it a feature wall which had wood panel effect wall paper, all very classy!

We lying by seasand.

We lying by seasand, watching yellow
And the grave sea, mock who deride
Who follow the red rivers, hollow
Alcove of words out of cicada shade,
For in this yellow grave of sand and sea
A calling for colour calls with the wind
That’s grave and gay as grave and sea
Sleeping on either hand.
The lunar silences, the silent tide
Lapping the still canals, the dry tide-master
Ribbed between desert and water storm,
Should cure our ills of the water
With a one-coloured calm;
The heavenly music over the sand
Sounds with the grains as they hurry
Hiding the golden mountains and mansions
Of the grave, gay, seaside land.
Bound by a sovereign strip, we lie,
Watch yellow, wish for wind to blow away
The strata of the shore and drown red rock;
But wishes breed not, neither
Can we fend off rock arrival,
Lie watching yellow until the golden weather
Breaks, O my heart’s blood, like a heart and hill.

– Dylan Thomas


Is this my best side – Friendly Friday: Posing

This Friday, Something to Ponder About and The Snow Melts Somewhere have challenged us with:

Which brings me to the prompt for this week’s Friendly Friday photo challenge – the prompt is Posing.

We were walking around Tally Abbey this week when this sheep almost said ‘Can you take my picture, and make sure you have my best side, I have my best ear studs in and everything!’, it then proceeded to strike this pose.

‘Is this my best side’, Tally abbey, 2019.Is this my best side


Hello human – Weekly Photo Challenge : Unexpected Beauty

This week Jenn at ‘Traveling at Wits End‘ asks:

This week the challenge is to….
Photograph Unexpected Beauty
It doesn’t matter what sort of beauty. Any beauty will do!
The best is when I find beauty when I’m not expecting it. Finding a ray of sun on a weed or a splash of color in a dingy building.

When we visited Lynmouth and Lynton in March this year, I finished my meal in the small cafe at the top of the railway before anyone else.  I decided to nip out and take a few shots from the top looking across the waters to Wales.  As I walked up the path I encountered this ‘Unexpected Beauty’, (s)he saw me coming and ran toward me, leaping up onto what must be a favourite fussing spot when encountering passing travellers, purrs, strokes, rubs and tickles were the order of the day.

‘Hello human’, Lynton, 2019.Hello human


Big Stone – A Photo a Week Challenge: Three of a Kind

This week Nancy has challenged us with the following:

Last week I asked you to obey the rule of threes. This week, I want you to take three photos of the same subject, but from different angles or distances or whatever. This will give you the chance to look at your subject in a lot of different ways. This is the only rule, so have fun.


This week we went in search of the stone circle that wound become the 50th stone circle in a series of 50 that we were attempting to visit before my wife’s 50th birthday which is in June.  This was ‘Cerrig Duon’ stone circle in the upper reaches of the Tawe Valley.  As an aside this means I have also visited 50 stone circles :).  Right next to the circle is a standing stone ‘Maen mawr’ (Big Stone), so here are 3 different views of that, two from different sides of the megalith, and one from a distance.

‘Holding’, Maen mawr, 2019.Holding

‘Shooting’, Maen mawr, 2019.Shooting

‘Distance’, Maen mawr, 2019.PWC3c

So what next, well we should easily fit in another 10 new circles before we are 60! So we might need more of a challenge than that.


Scallops – Kammie’s Oddball Challenge: May 2, 2019

Each week Kammie challenges us to post an oddball photo:

Odd Ball Photos are those great photos that you take which really don’t seem to fit into a common category.  We’ve all taken them and like them, because we just can’t hit delete and get rid of them.

This week I was sat looking up at the ceiling in my study, and was overcome with an urge to photograph it, due to the patterns that the light and resultant shadow were casting.

‘Scallops’, 2019.Scallops

And I could not resist doing something else with the resultant picture, maybe an album cover?

‘Purple vinyl’, 2019.Purple vinyl


Using photos to capture life – Ken Humphreys Photography