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Stone pixie – A Photo a Week Challenge: Smile.

This week Nancy has challenged us with the following:


Given the group shot I used as my final photo for last week was taken by my wife and had me in it, this week I decided I would use a photo of my wife.  Smiling as we had reached our destination of the Maen Mawr at the Cerrig Duon stone circle.

‘Stone pixie’, Cerrig Duon stone circle, 2019.Stone pixie


On top of the ancient world – Tuesday Photo Challenge: Vista.

Well this week Frank challenges us with the topic:

Your challenge is to share those vistas that inspired you or simply left you breathless!

I recently posted that we had visited our 50th Stone circle of the 50 we were attempting to fit in before my wife’s 50th birthday this year. It was the Cerrig Duon Stone Circle near the Maen Mawr standing stone in the Brecon Beacons.  This circle is egg-shaped, and measures about 60 feet accross, with roughly 20 small stones. The stones are quite small, and the tallest only 2 feet high, however this is in juxtaposition to a very large monolith, or standing stone, known as Maen Mawr, ‘the large stone’, some 30 feet north of the circle.  The stone is about 7 feet high, nearly 3 feet thick, and about 4 feet wide, and outside it are two small stones in a row.  West of the circle are two rows of very small stones approaching at an oblique angle there are 17 stones in the west row and 12 in the east row, but they are hard to spot. The east row is about 80 feet long while the west row is 135 feet, and the stones are about 16 feet apart.

All of this is set against a most magnificent vista.  So here is an 8 photo panoramic stitch of the circle and landscape, from our recent travels.

‘On top of the ancient world’, Cerrig Duon Stone Circle, 2019.On top of the ancient world


Big Stone – A Photo a Week Challenge: Three of a Kind

This week Nancy has challenged us with the following:

Last week I asked you to obey the rule of threes. This week, I want you to take three photos of the same subject, but from different angles or distances or whatever. This will give you the chance to look at your subject in a lot of different ways. This is the only rule, so have fun.


This week we went in search of the stone circle that wound become the 50th stone circle in a series of 50 that we were attempting to visit before my wife’s 50th birthday which is in June.  This was ‘Cerrig Duon’ stone circle in the upper reaches of the Tawe Valley.  As an aside this means I have also visited 50 stone circles :).  Right next to the circle is a standing stone ‘Maen mawr’ (Big Stone), so here are 3 different views of that, two from different sides of the megalith, and one from a distance.

‘Holding’, Maen mawr, 2019.Holding

‘Shooting’, Maen mawr, 2019.Shooting

‘Distance’, Maen mawr, 2019.PWC3c

So what next, well we should easily fit in another 10 new circles before we are 60! So we might need more of a challenge than that.