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What a taste – #SundayStills: #Taste

This week Teri has challenged us with:

Your post does NOT have to show pictures of food! Show and tell us what “taste” means to YOU! Perhaps share your taste in books, music, fashion or media, or an image of your family enjoying a picnic.

Well I know it did not have to show a picture of food, and you did not say you couldn’t :), so on our recent holiday to Anglesey we went to the marvellous vegetarian/Vegan restaurant Jackfruit.  The main meal was fantastic, but the pudding was sublime. It was amazing and is certainly the taste I will remember for this year not just the summer!  It is going to take some beating.

So I present for you – Avocado Chocolate mousse – what a taste, fabulously rich, smooth, creamy and chocolatey.

‘What a taste’, Anglesey, 2019.SSTaste



Bunny – Weekly Prompts: Easter

This weekend GC and SueW have chosen ‘Easter’ as the theme for their challenge.

Our Saturday Photo Challenge is Easter.

I have to admit it my thoughts are on chocolate: eggs, bunnies, bars! Rampant commercialism, feeding my coco addiction, a four day weekend, rather than any spiritual meaning.

‘Bunny’, 2013.Bunny


The meaning of Cake! – Tuesday Photo Challenge: Cake.

Well this week Frank challenges us with the topic ‘Cake’:

This week, we roll in a different direction, as I had an appetite when coming up with the theme. After all those great entries, I thought it was time for Cake! Everyone deserves cake to celebrate and fill their need for dessert! I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of cake strikes your fancy and might make you ask for a second helping.

Yesterday we saw this sign outside a ‘Pet cemetery’ that is local to my father, it does have a tea room, just thought I better clarify that!

‘No option’, Brynford, 2019.No option

Whenever anyone mentions ‘Cake’, after I have got over the initial yummy thoughts, I tend to think of Eddy Izzard – If you do not know what I am talking about, a quick google search for ‘Cake or Death’ may be in order.  Anyway as a tangent it made me think of using this photo!

‘Or Death’, Dumfries, 2018.Or Death

And finally to bring things back on track, a cake made for the birthday of one of the other members of the band I play in, we happen to share the same birthday oddly.

‘Real cake’, 2012.TPCCake3