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Small but significant – Friendly Friday – Climate change

This week Snow challenges us with:

this week, for the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge, I’d like to challenge you to post a photo (or several) with the theme Climate Change.

I hope you don’t find this topic too difficult or intimidating. It can be anything – your imagination is the only limit!

So how to answer this challenge?  I am a reducer, a reuser, and a recycler, I hope I do my bit to help slow the decline of our life supporting ecosystem.   Perhaps we have made such a mess of things that we deserve what is facing us, but there is always hope, however without action there can be no hope.  Now is the time for action, ‘now’ is perhaps always the time for any action, especially if we want our labors to come to fruition.

So what photos to use for this?  I have no photos of arid landscapes that used to be green plains, no photos of the melting ice caps.  Perhaps a photo from a protest? Maybe not.  Perhaps I am thinking too big.  Just as each of our small actions can in someway help – although this should not stop us thinking of the larger changes we can make in our lives, I started thinking of the smaller changes and went out into the garden.

The first photo is of where a lovely Cistus was once planted, early last year we had quite a dramatic snow fall with high winds, the bush was buried under a six foot snow drift, which weighed the bush down so much and lasted so long that this portion died and had to be removed.

‘Stumps’, 2019. FFClimate

We have a sizable Lilac tree, however the wind has been so strong of late that one of its larger branches broke this week.

‘Wind damaged’, 2019.FFClimate2

Both of these are such small things, but the more dramatic weather  is symptomatic of the climate change we are experiencing, and these small things have affected my life.  This all scales and these small insignificant problems become worldwide problems.

So in each of our own small ways, let us attempt to do something big!