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Insert title here! – Kammie’s Oddball Challenge: March 19th, 2020

Each week Kammie challenges us to post an oddball photo:

Odd Ball Photos are those great photos that you take which really don’t seem to fit into a common category.  We’ve all taken them and like them, because we just can’t hit delete and get rid of them.

Really I had no idea what to title this one!

‘Insert title here’, Roskilde, 2017.
Insert title here!



Untitled! – Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge – Words that end in “ock” & Wednesday Challenge – Cartoon Characters

Cee has challenged us with the topic of Words that end in “ock” for her B&W challenge – I will let you decide why I chose this photo! & this wednesday GC and SueW have chosen the Cartoon Characters as the theme for their challenge. They asked:

We ask you to tax your memories and try to remember those specific cartoon characters that made a lasting impression on you and which create nostalgic feelings every time you watch cartoons with your children/grandchildren

Well I must immediately say this is not a cartoon character from my childhood, rather it adorned the wall of an airbnb that we stayed in when visiting Copenhagen – it did however leave a lasting impression!

‘Untitled!’, Copenhagen, 2017.




Old streets – Weekly Prompts: Broad

This week GC and SueW have chosen the following as the theme for their challenge.

This midweek challenge from GC and me was meant to be the word Narrow, but someone beat us to the post, so we’ve gone with the opposite and used the word BROAD!

We’d like to think that had we gone with the word Narrow, you would have taken a broader perspective in your response, so with that in mind, we’re happy to change our original choice.

I love old broad streets like this one in Copenhagen.

‘Old streets’, Copenhagen, 2017.
Old streets

Copenhagen Street – Lens Artists Photo Challenge #82: cap·i·tal

This weeks challenge from the Lens-Artists is – guest hosted by Viveka:

My topic is Capital . . . It doesn’t have to be about capital cities – however, you want to interpret it – all up to you.

Well I did go with a capital city, and as I have never been to the guest hosts own country, I will one day I promise, just so I can have had a polska in Sweden if nothing else, so I decided to get as close from my visits as I could!

‘Copenhagen Street’, 2017.
Copenhagen Street


Unknown rider – Friday Fun: Statues

For this weeks Friday Fun we have been asked:

statues are built to commemorate, to decorate, for many reasons

please share your pics or stories about statues that resonate …
or take this opportunity to showcase your collection statue pics!

Whether through your lens or using creative writing … go where the prompt leads!

I spent a lot of time deciding which of my photos of sculptures where actually statues, but in the end I went with this photo, which is most definitely what I would call a statue!

‘Unknown rider’, Copenhagen, 2017.Unknown rider

For those of you who want to know the rider is not actually unknown this is the Statue of King Frederick V – Amalienborg Palace – but until I embarked on creating this post I had no idea.


Interior exposed – Lens Artists Photo Challenge #45 – Street Art

This week Patti challenges us with:

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #44 is your chance to highlight Street Art in any form, such as posters, graffiti, prints, stencils, sculptures, or installations. We’re looking forward to seeing the art you found on streets of the towns and cities close to home or all over the world.

I have mentioned in a previous post that my collection of graffiti is somewhat limited, something which I really should remedy.  So here is a sculpture, or rather four that make up the whole thing, I could not help taking several pictures of it when we encountered it while visiting Copenhagen at Amaliehaven.  The Italian sculptor Arnaldo Pomodoro created various sculptures for the park, including these four large abstract columns.

‘Four’, Copenhagen, 2017.Four

‘Monolithic’, Copenhagen, 2017.Monolithic


No longer adrift – Friday Foto Fun – Anchorage

For this weeks Friday Foto Fun we are asked to:

This is one you can take literally or figuratively …

What is your anchor when life gets stormy?

Please share your anchorage either through your lens
or in your own words?

So I went with the obvious for my photo choice, it was from the first series of photos that popped into my head to hunt down.  A wider colour version of this from a slightly different angle was used for another post some time ago, but I think I prefer this shot.

‘Out of water’, Copenhagen, 2017.Out of Water

However I could have chosen to be less literal, friendship, music, dancing, and antiquity all keep me anchored, as does photography and this blog for that matter.  But most of all my lovely wife, whom I would be lost without, and who is definitely my anchor when life gets stormy, complicated, and confused, often the voice of reason when I am adrift.



Wild fantasy – Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge – Murals

This week Cee challenges us with the topic ‘Murals’.

I don’t have many photos of Murals, street art, or graffiti, I must rectify this, get out with the camera and take some.

But here is a photo of a mural on a house wall at Freetown Christiania, Copenhagen, a most remarkable place.

‘Wild fantasy’, Freetown Christiania, Copenhagen, 2017.CBWCMural



Spiral up – Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #35: Architecture

This week Amy challenges us with:

I’m looking forward to seeing your photos and stories of architecture.

On the very few times we have visited countries outside of our own, and indeed even between different counties in the UK, I am always impressed by the difference in different architectural vernacular, and therefore end up taking oh so many photos.  So choosing for this was quite hard.

So here are a few pictures of the Church of Our Saviour in Copenhagen, a lovely piece of architecture.  Unfortunately we did not get to climb the 400 steps to the top, as the queues to climb the tower were truly massive, and given our time was limited we went to explore other areas.