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Speedy and water power – Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge – Wheels

This week Cee challenges us with the topic ‘Wheels’.

Well I thought I better go with the obvious for the first shot, some wheels on a car, all be it a very diminutive vehicle.

‘Speedy’, 2019.Speedy

And secondly a lovely water wheel from New Abbey corn mill.

‘Water power’, New Abbey corn mill, 2018.Water power




Visit to Dumfries and Galloway – July 2018 [Day 2 – New Abbey, John Paul Jones, Powillimount, & Brow well]

For those of you who are not friends on Facebook, or GPlus here are some photos taken on the 2nd day of our holiday in Scotland this year.

Day 2 – New Abbey, John Paul Jones, Powillimount, & Brow well [61 Photos]


Lift – Tuesday Photo Challenge – Lift

In this weeks challenge Dutch goes the Photo! asks:

After we cleared the heady scenes from the past week, which were great fun and very creative, it’s time to let our spirits rise.  With that in mind, I think that we take this week’s challenge with the theme of Lift!  As you’ve learned to expect, this is another theme that you can take into multiple directions, so let your imagination run wild and submit that, which tickles your fancy!

However for once I have chosen to be literal, so here is a picture of a lift in Carlisle castle.


And some lifting gear at New Abbey Mill.