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Fire in the sky – A Photo a Week Challenge: Fire

This week Nancy has challenged us with the topic of ‘Sunshine’, saying:


Well I decided to twist the brief a little, as I was looking through the archives for ‘Fire’, I saw this photo, taken while on holiday in Cornwall some years ago.  Well the sun counts as fire does it not?

‘Fire in the sky’, Cornwall, 2007.Fire in the sky



Reaching toward reflection – K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge – Written in stone.

Each week, K’lee and Dale offer  prompts for us to consider as the latest challenge.  This week it is:

Written in stone, stonework and structures old and new.

My first choice is the Mên Scryfa in Cornwall, if you look closely at the lower half of the photo, you can just make out some of the text on the stone in this picture.  Potentially a prehistoric stone that was later inscribed in the 6th to 8th century, it is amzing to think that this stone can still speak to us.

‘Rialobranus son of Cunovalus’, Mên Scryfa, Cornwall, 2014.KADWritten

And I’m Going to follow this up with the Ruthwell cross that we went to visit last year when we were in Dumfries and Galloway.

‘Reaching skyward’, Ruthwell, 2018.Reaching skyward

And finally another photo taken on our visit to Dumfries and Galloway, this time taken at Anwoth Old Kirk – for those that are interested this was the church yard used in the film ‘The Wickerman’.

‘Reflection’, Anwoth, 2018.Reflection


Scrumptious structures – K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge – Sublimely Structual

Each week, K’lee and Dale offer us  prompts for you to consider as the latest challenge.  This week it is:


Now, again for those who don’t know, and a reminder for those who may have taken a challenge of ours in the past, Dale and I don’t place restrictions as such on these challenges. We truly do like seeing you come up with your own interpretations AND experimentation- hence the word- COSMIC…

…you’re allowed to take your imagination all the way out there if you so desire…

So here is my offering of some sublime structures at the Eden project in Cornwall.  With some ‘Cosmic’ dust filtered liberally.  A six photo panoramic stitch.

“Scrumptious structures’, Eden Project, Cornwall, 2017.Structureeden


Circle stone – Friday Foto Fun – Texture

This week Aroused blog’s, Friday Foto Fun Challenge has the topic of Texture.

Please share your version of ‘texture’ either through your lens
or in your own words?

So here is a picture of one of the Tregeseal holed stones on Kendijack common, displaying some texture.

‘Circle stone’ – Kendijack common, Cornwall, 2014.TextureStone

I take quite a few photos of texture the intent being use photos like this to provide texture in photoshop, for example to Fonts to get a letterpress effect among other things.  A portion of the above was used to create the below.Texture


River and stones – Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Revisited

For this weeks challenge Amanda asks:

This week on Friendly Friday, I am asking you to Re-visit your memories, places and experiences.

The prompt ‘Re-visiting’ might mean something entirely different. It might simply mean a return to a place, but in another time. A ‘before’ and ‘after’ photo, of a project, from start to finish, or a time warp showing changes from one decade to another. Such as revisiting the changes from baby to child or child to adult. It might even be a place you wish to re-visit one day.

The first photo is a place I have used a couple of times times this year for challenges, and I hope we will get to revisit there.

‘Walk beside the Nith’, Glencaple, Dumfries and Galloway, 2018.RevisitNith

And the second is a place we almost always revisit when we go to Cornwall, at least once a year if we can.

‘At the Men-an-tol’, West Penwith, Cornwall, 2018.RevisitMT

And both photos were revisited for the purposes of this challenge, in memory, and in reworking them.

Moonlight over Porthminster and Carbis – Sunday Stills – Night

This week, while Terri Webster Schrandt continues her blogging break. Hugh is once again, hosting Sunday Stills.  This week he asks:

Write a brand new post and share your photos, stories, poetry, or thoughts, about the night.

So here is a photo from a recent trip to Cornwall, walking home after an evening in St. Ives.


Cornwall – September 2018 [Day 1 – Eden Project. Day 2 – Rainy Porthleven. Day 3 – Chysauster, Merry Maidens, Sennen cove, Carn Galver, Lanyon Quoit at Full moon. Day 4 – Morning view, Helston Folk Museum, The Lizard, Men-an-Tol, St. Ives evening and night].

For those of you who are not friends on Facebook, here are some photos taken in September 2018 when we visited Cornwall.

Day 1 – Eden Project. Day 2 – Rainy Porthleven. Day 3 – Chysauster, Merry Maidens, Sennen cove, Carn Galver, Lanyon Quoit at Full moon. Day 4 – Morning view, Helston Folk Museum, The Lizard, Men-an-Tol, St. Ives evening and night [152 Photos].


This week The ‘Friendly Friday Photo Challenge‘ asks us:

I’d love to see (and hear) your tips for staying creative. What do you do when you lose your mojo, how do you get it back? What inspires you to blog, make photos, write stories, paint? Tell your story with a photo.

Those of you who follow my blog will know there are a lot of photos of Cornwall.  It is not simply that we like holidaying in Cornwall, it is an inspirational place, and our batteries recharge while we are there.

For WordPress Challenges where possible I always like to use photos from the current set I am working on – the inner challenge – not always possible, but in this case I do happen to be editing a set of pictures from our trip to Cornwall in September.  So here are a couple for you.

A 3 photo stitch of the Lizard.


A shot of the magical Men-an-tol.


And a 4 photo stitch of Porthgwidden beach at dusk in St. Ives.


Carn Galver – Tuesday Photo Challenge – Tranquil

In this weeks challenge Dutch goes the Photo! asks:

Amidst the hubbub of the holiday season (or is it the shopping season?), all of might wish for a moment of quietude; to find peace in the maelstrom of deadlines, demands and expectations is precious any time of year, and, possibly, even more sought after this time of year.  With that in mind, I thought it might be nice to have this week’s theme be Tranquil!

Take a moment to breathe deep, maybe meditate and center yourself; let your creative mind’s eye guide you to express the Tranquil state.  Hopefully, you are there, or it’s what you look to achieve.  Have fun, relax and enjoy this week’s challenge!

So here is a 3 photo stitch taken when we went to Cornwall in September 2018, of Carn Galver engine house, at sunset, a lovely tranquil moment, from an as yet unedited series of photos.

Carn Galver