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Walking amongst flowers – Friday Fun: Restful

For this weeks Friday Fun we have been asked:

we all want and need rest .. not just sleep but deep comfortable relaxation

please share your version of restful in pics or stories …

‘Walking amongst flowers’, Dunster Castle, 2019
Walking amongst flowers.


Pink tint – Sunday Stills: Honoring #Pink

This week Teri  challenged us with:

I look forward to you all filling up the pages of WordPress with your pink images!

‘Pink tint’, Dunster Castle, 2019.

And given Teri’s post is to raise awareness, as October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month – perhaps I can get away with a cheeky edit of the above – I hope people see the fun in it.

‘Cheeky edit’, 2019.

Please whatever your gender, remember to check yourself, and if you find anything, please do seek medical advice, if it turns out to be nothing, they will be happy also, you waste no ones time by talking, and getting examined.


Dahlia – Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Orange and Pink

For this weeks Fun Foto Challenge Cee asks us:

This week the topic is Orange and Pink and there is no specific topic.  I would prefer if your photos of orange and pink in them.  If you don’t find that combination, you can use either color, just make sure that color is prominent.

Well I had a look back in the archives, and this was a difficult one!  Plenty of pictures featuring Orange or Pink, and a few with both but not very prominent.  Anyway I finally found this star shaped Dahlia, the pink is a little fushia, and the orange is a little yellow, but it is almost there.

“Dhalia”, Buckland Abbey, 2015.OrangePink