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Italianate, hazy, entrance – A Photo a Week Challenge: Sunshine

This week Nancy has challenged us with the topic of ‘Sunshine’, saying:


So a few photos where the sunshine could have made, or broke the photos.  Shooting into the sun, sometimes you just have to do it.

‘Italianate’, Dyffryn Gardens, 2016.Italianate

‘Hazy sun’, Dartmoor, 2015.Hazy sun

‘Chun entrance’, Chun castle, 2015.Chun entrance



Moor lines – One word Sunday Challenge – Row

This week Debbie has challenged us with the following:

Welcome to One Word Sunday, and over to all of you to join the challenge with your own row post.

I thought I would use another ancient monument this week, no surprises there I hear some of you shout!  I don’t think I have used this location for a challenge before though, and it seemed very fitting for this one.

On Dartmoor there are many stone rows, this one is part of the ‘Merrivale complex‘ of ancient sites.  It is a double row, for an added bonus for this weeks challenge I feel.

‘Moor lines’, Merrivale stone rows, Dartmoor, 2015.Moor lines


Ancient tunes – Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Anything Construction Related

For this weeks B&W challenge Cee asks:

This week the topic is Anything Construction Related.    This topic is quite huge.  See if any of you can come up with something way out of the box.

So my first photo is of an ancient roundhouse at Grimspound on Dartmoor.

‘Ancient Construction’, Grimspound, Dartmoor, 2015.constructiongrimspound

The second is of what a completed roundhouse may have looked like.

‘Roundhouse’, Lower Merrypit farm, Dartmoor, 2014.constructionlm

And finally as far out of the box as my thinking would take me, a photo of the room where my band Kantref recorded our album.  If you try hard enough you can see the notes floating in the air, the music and album are under construction, the photo taken at a moment when the construction workers have downed tools for a cup of tea.

‘Music Construction’, Old Schoolhouse, 2014.constructionmusic


Dartmoor – June 2018 [Fernworthy stone circle, Grey Wethers stone circle, Scorhill Stone circle, Shovel Down stone rows, the Longstone, Kestor rock, Dupath Well, and Torpoint].

For those of you who are not friends on Facebook, here are some photos taken in June 2018 on a brief excursion to Dartmoor, and an even briefer foray into Cornwall.

Fernworthy stone circle, Grey Wethers stone circle, Scorhill Stone circle, Shovel Down stone rows, the Longstone, Kestor rock, Dupath Well, and Torpoint [132 Photos].

Gentle moment – Tuesday Photo Challenge – Gentle

In this weeks challenge Dutch goes the Photo! asks:

There are many times when a gentle touch works better than a sledgehammer, or when a gentle breeze is welcomed to relieve us from the heat. Accept this challenge and unleash your gentle current of creative flux to come up with some apt images and posts! I am curious to see what you will create this week!

So I am currently working on a set of pictures from a visit to Dartmoor in June last year – this is a 3 photo stitch of the most graceful stream, flowing under a simple bridge, in a gentle land, near Scorhill stone circle.  Dartmoor is not an area I usually think of as “gentle”, but on this day, at this time, and in this place it was.


Scorhill – Photo for the Week – 11 – Textures

In this weeks challenge Bren asks:

For this week’s challenge, I thought I would choose the subject of Textures. . . Your images can be images that show texture or an image where you’ve added a textured overlay.  It doesn’t matter, just as long as we can see the texture.

So below is a picture of Scorhill stone circle, taken on our trip earlier to Dartmoor, a series of photos I am long overdue editing.  It is a 2 photo panoramic stitch, and has been layered up with quite a few textures.



Cee’s B&W challenge this week is that of ‘Perspective’, so here is a shot taken in the gardens of Coleton Fishacre during our July trip to Dartmoor and the surrounding area.  This is one of those photos that just happened, and I am not at all sure why I walked into the centre of all this bamboo and took it, but I am glad I did.Bamboo

Other entrants to this weeks challenge can be found by visiting Cee’s pages here.