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Proud – Weekly Prompts: Rear

This weekend GC and SueW have chosen the following as the theme for their challenge.

Our Weekend Photo Challenge here on Weekly Prompts is Rear
Rear – Bringing something/someone to maturity, back, backend, tail end, hindmost, backside.
This one lends itself to a number of possibilities, and as usual, anything goes, feel free to present the word in any form you wish, photos, stories, poems or music. In the meantime, GC and I look forward to seeing your choices!

This proud duck looks like she has done a good job rearing those ducklings.

‘Proud’, Fell Foot Park, 2017.WPRear


Quack – Monochrome Monday Challenge XXII

Each week Hadd Hai Yaar challenges us to:

create a post having monochrome photos

So here is my submission for this week – an unedited photo that caught my attention in the not too distant archives.  The focus was slightly off which is probably why it remained unedited, however I felt it still had a little potential.

‘Quack’, Fell foot, Lake District, 2017.MMQuack