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Futuristic – Friendly Friday Photography Challenge – Future

This week the friendly Friday photography challenge  sees us saying goodbye to Snow as a host, it has been fun finding photos for your prompts.

This week, let’s look towards the future in my final prompt. The theme for Friendly Friday is Future. I hope you make it a bright one!

How do you photograph the future?

‘Futuristic’, Eden project, 2017.


Mirrored Eden – A Photo a Week Challenge: Open Topic.

This week  Nancy has challenged us with the following:


Not sure why I chose this photo to rework, but glad I did.

‘Mirrored Eden’, Eden project, 2017.


Faces – Kammie’s Oddball Challenge: April 18, 2019

Each week Kammie challenges us to post an oddball photo:

Odd Ball Photos are those great photos that you take which really don’t seem to fit into a common category.  We’ve all taken them and like them, because we just can’t hit delete and get rid of them.

This week a photo from the Eden project in Cornwall, a group of carved wooden posts which look like faces.

‘Faces’, Eden project, 2017.Faces


Smoking Blue – Weekly Prompts: Blue

This weekend GC and SueW have chosen ‘Blue’ as the theme for their challenge.

As we begin the month of April Susan and I have chosen a photo challenge relating to the color BLUE as the shade most appropriate to welcome the return of spring with its blue skies, fresh air and babbling brooks.

So  this photo came to mind of a large Blue sculpture at the Eden Project. It measures nearly nine metres tall, weighs 20-tonnes, and fires out vapour rings, thought to be the world’s biggest ceramic sculpture at the time it was unveiled at the Eden Project on Tuesday, May 22 2018.

It is called ‘∞ Blue’ (Infinity Blue) and it pays homage to cyanobacteria, one of the world’s smallest living beings.  Created by duo Studio Swine (Super Wide Interdisciplinary New Explorers), Japanese architect Azusa Murakami and British artist Alexander Groves.

‘Smoking Blue’, Eden Project, 2018.Smoking Blue


Humid Tropical Biome – Sunday Stills – #tropical

This week Teri has challenged us with:

this week’s Sunday Stills theme is “tropical.”

I have not visited any tropical countries, in fact for someone of my age, my travel outside the UK has been very limited.  So initially I wondered what I could do with this challenge, maybe a plant, a can of ‘Lilt’ (if any one remembers that!) – it was supposed to be the totally tropical taste after all!

And then I remembered I had a number of photos from inside the Humid Tropical Biome at the Eden project, and so went of looking for one of these.

‘Humid Tropical Biome’, Eden project, Cornwall, 2017.Humid Tropical Biome


Scrumptious structures – K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge – Sublimely Structual

Each week, K’lee and Dale offer us  prompts for you to consider as the latest challenge.  This week it is:


Now, again for those who don’t know, and a reminder for those who may have taken a challenge of ours in the past, Dale and I don’t place restrictions as such on these challenges. We truly do like seeing you come up with your own interpretations AND experimentation- hence the word- COSMIC…

…you’re allowed to take your imagination all the way out there if you so desire…

So here is my offering of some sublime structures at the Eden project in Cornwall.  With some ‘Cosmic’ dust filtered liberally.  A six photo panoramic stitch.

“Scrumptious structures’, Eden Project, Cornwall, 2017.Structureeden


Bones, Vikings and Landlocked – One Word Sunday – Voyage or Voyager.

This week Debbie at Travel With Intent Chose Voyage or Voyager for here theme.  Her picture was of a stainless steel sculpture sits on the waterfront in Reykjavik.  Therefore my first photo inspired by this theme had to be:

A Longship that can no longer make its voyage – ‘Bones’, Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, 2017voyage3

And the second photo of some modern day ‘Vikings’ making a voyage, Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, 2017voyage2

And finally a ship that cannot make its own voyage, but encourages the voyager to start their journey. ‘Landlocked’, Eden project, Cornwall, 2017.voyage1