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Hotdesk! – Friendly Friday Photography Challenge – Funny Furry Friends

This week the Friendly Friday photography challenge  asks:

Whether by choice or necessity, many of us have been house-bound these last few weeks. At times like this, it’s good to be held captive with those you like the most. Like – Love – Obsess – Whatever you call it, most of us have a soft spot for our furry companions.

For this week’s Friendly Friday Photo Challenge I ask you to share a photo of, or homage to, your FUNNY FURRY FRIENDS.

Working from home has its benefits and drawbacks – this chap is both!  “Please I want to Hotdesk with you!”

Working from home, 2020.


Fabulous furry friends – Friday Fun: Fabulous

For this weeks Friday Fun we have been given ‘Fabulous’.

So following on from last weeks picture this week I will post a photo of our two fabulous furry friends,  Roswell & Falco.

‘Fabulous furry friends’, 2014.
Fabulous furry friends


Away for awhile – Pouty cone face – Marvellous vets.

Well some of you might have noticed that I have been absent from blogging for a while, two weeks actually.  Usually this is either because I have been on holiday taking lots of lovely photos, or real life has intruded on my free time.

Alas in this case it has been the latter, at the beginning of the fortnight I had just recovered from severe ‘Man Flu’, it might even have been ‘Real Flu’, and now at the end of this week, I am recovering from Norovirus which at the start of the week left me shattered for the rest of the week 😦

But what has happened in between, what has kept me away from posting blogs?

Well a few weeks ago I noticed a lump on the side of one of our lovely boys cheeks, Roswell had just not appeared quite right when I looked at him. You can just see the lump under his left eye here.

Cat in a box

So he was off to the vets as swiftly as possible, “well it might just be an abscess but it is a bit hard” – said the vet, so a course of antibiotics to see if it went down, alas it did not, and so returning the week after, a sample was taken, under much protest from Roswell, and sent for analysis. The return was inconclusive and so the decision was taken to remove it.


It was a very fraught day awaiting his return for his cat parents and brother alike, but finally he came home to us, he does smell different though thought Falco.  Of course when unsupervised he would have to wear the cone of shame.

Cone of shame

The lump was duly sent off to histology for further analysis, and we waited.  While we waited Falco tried to get used to Roswell in his cone.


Who was this strange alien cat whose head bobbled up and down as he walked? The first day or so were spent with Falco running away from Roswell, who only wanted to be with his brother and thus followed him around.  The occasional hiss and spit, and sometimes the need to be in separate rooms.  But finally Falco got used to Roswell in the cone.  Although at one point looked a little scared when he thought he might have to wear it.

Roswell did not know what all the fuss was about, he had got used to the cone fairly quickly.  Yes it did get in the way and catch on things, and it was a pain to eat and drink in, but possible.  He does however look rather depressed in the cone, earning him the title of Pouty cone face, on a return check up at the vets.  Sometimes he just looked grumpy though.

Radar cat

Finally the results came back – it was a soft tissue carcinoma, it had been fully removed and the prognosis for the future was good.  And so after yesterdays return checkup, the wound is healing well and the cone can come off in 4 days, he will be so happy!  Never have we had so much lap time, never has he washed so much as when we remove the cone to let him, returning it at the moments of “no you can not wash there”.

A very special special thanks to Barrmore Vets in Llanharan for all they have done  for our lovely boy, and the care that they have shown him.



Roswell & Falco – Lens Artists Photo Challenge #61 – Precious Pets

This weeks challenge from the Lens-Artists is:

For the past few weeks our challenge has addressed a number of photography skills – framing a shot, finding different perspectives and combining multiple elements in a single image. This week, let’s relax a bit and share something just for fun – our precious pets.

Here are our two cats, Roswell loves having his photo taken, while Falco tends to move at the last moment, or even the first moment!  They are most definitely our ‘Precious Pets’.




Cats not dogs for me #NationalPetParentsDay – Sunday Stills – #A Dog’s Life.

This week Teri has challenged us with:

Did you know the last Sunday of April is National Pet Parents Day? Hooray, because I am one and I bet you are, too…or maybe so in the pawst!
For this week’s Sunday Stills photography challenge, let’s celebrate the pets that make our lives so much richer!

We were having a hot chocolate at the beach cafe Portreath, I am not a dog person, definitely a cat person, however I had to take a photo of him, just look at the love in those eyes!

‘In the eyes’, Portreath, 2017.In the eyes

We do however have two cats of our own, the adorable, but here looking moody as he had just woken up:

‘Falco’, 2014.Falco

And the lovely inquisitive:

‘Roswell’, 2015.Roswell

We rescued these two lovely boys from a cattery as someone had abandoned them!  Beautiful brothers who enrich our lives with their companionship.

I have always had cats, before we had, well actually as they are cats they own us . . . any way, before these two called on us to be their slaves, we were honoured to share our lives with the very special ‘Darkle’.  Mad as a hatter and lived to be a grand old lady, it was a very sad day when we had to say goodbye to her,  the vet called her a ‘miracle cat’ in the last few years of her life, we did all we could for her and our love was rewarded with her love.  So a slightly blurry photo, and not just from tears of happy memories, but this was taken when she was still able to get about on the prowl for a bit.


Proud to be a Pet Parent.


Poise and Do not disturb – Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge – Cute Factor

This week Cee challenges us with the topic ‘Cute Factor’.

I am biased, I think they are cute, but then they are our cats!  The first photo is of Roswell, he is not Grey but you know, he was named after the TV series.  And the second photo is of Falco, named after the main character in the Lindsay Davies books.

‘Poise’, 2019.Poise

‘Do not disturb’, 2019.CBWCCute2



Watching Felines – Weekly Photo Challenge – Eyes

This week Jenn at ‘Traveling at Wits End’ challenges us to:

Photograph eyes . . . . Choose a living subject, a person or a pet works, and make sure you can see at least one eye. Living things have a tendency to move around, even if they are being cooperative, but your job is to keep the eyes in focus!

So here are a couple of pictures of our cats.

‘Falco looking up’, Brynna, 2014.EyesFalco

‘Roswell posing’, Brynna, 2015.EyesRoswell


Cats and Quilts – Weekly Photo Challenge: Comfortable and Cozy

For this weeks challenge Jenn asks:

Photograph Something Comfortable & Cozy

The first photo is of one of our cats seeking out a warm place to curl up cozy and sleep.  I am not sure how comfortable my camera bag would be though, and it might be a little too cozy!

‘Falco hunting a hot spot’, Brynna, S.Wales, 2014.Inquisitive

And the second photo is of a quilt we made for friends as a gift for this Christmas, we hope that it is warm, comfortable and cozy.

‘Friendship quilt’, Brynna, S.Wales, 2018.CosyQuilt