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Tulips- Friendly Friday: Floral

This Friday, ‘The Snow Melts Somewhere’ and ‘Something to Ponder About’ have been helped out by Manja who is standing in for Snow, and has posted the challenge:

This week she said floral, and so it shall be.

When we visited the lake district the year before last we stopped off at Sizergh Castle where we encountered:

‘Tulips’, Sizergh Castle, 2017.FFFloral


Eden flower – A Photo a Week Challenge: Flowers.

This week Nancy has challenged us with the following:


Such a lot to choose from, but this one lay unedited and caught my eye.

‘Eden flower’, Eden Project, 2017.PWCFlower


The smell of garlic – Sunday Stills: #Paths

This week in Teri is back, and  has challenged us with:

This week’s Sunday Stills theme is “paths.”

Well I have a fair few photos of paths and trails, and was looking through my archives and noticed this one.  The smell of garlic was almost tangible in the air as I looked at it!

The smell of garlic’, Laycock abbey,  2013.The smell of Garlic


Currant flowers – Photo for the Month – 36: Overlay

This Month for the Photo for the Month, Bren asks:

This week’s challenge is Overlay.

I do make quite extensive use of overlays, however quite often they are scaled back to the point where they only just show, or are masked from portions of the image.  However for this challenge I decided to use one of my favourites but to let it shine through, it is a sort of rainbow burn texture.  So first the ‘mostly’ unedited photo.

‘Currant flowers’, 2019.Currant flowers

And here is the image with the overlay added.  I think it looks a little like it should be on an old chocolate box lid.

‘Currant flowers 2’, 2019.Currant flowers 2


Point and Click – One word Sunday Challenge: Simplicity

This week Debbie has challenged us with the following:

Welcome to One Word Sunday, and over to all of you to join the challenge with your own simplicity post.

Sometimes it is as simple as pointing the camera in the right direction and clicking the button.

‘Point and Click’, Sizergh Castle, 2017.Point and Click


Riot of design – Friendly Friday: Design

This Friday, ‘The Snow Melts Somewhere’ and ‘Something to Ponder About’ have challenged us with:

For this week’s Friendly Friday photo challenge, the theme is Design

So just two small photos of the riot of design that is on show at Blackwell, the arts and crafts house in the lake district, it really is worth a visit if you are ever in the area.

‘Space helmets and Peacocks’, Blackwell, 2017.Space helmets and Peacocks

‘Flowers and berries’, Blackwell, 2017.Flowers and berries


Almost transparent – Lens Artists Photo Challenge #46 – Delicate

This week we are challenged us with:

This week, the challenge must be Delicate. To me, Spring itself reveals something of the very essence of the word – Delicate.
Naturally, Delicate is used in several meanings, not only concerning flowers…:
Pleasantly soft or light – like the scent of a rose…; having a thin, attractive shape – delicate hands for example…; fragile or easily damaged – like fine china…; pleasant but not easily noticed – like a delicate floral pattern on the walls…
And being ”a delicate matter” is of course another, more difficult, possibility…
So, what is Delicate to you?

I have used a different edit of this photo before, but it was just too good not to choose for this challenge.

‘Almost transparent’, Knightshayes Court, 2016.Almost transparent