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Fabulous furry friends – Friday Fun: Fabulous

For this weeks Friday Fun we have been given ‘Fabulous’.

So following on from last weeks picture this week I will post a photo of our two fabulous furry friends,  Roswell & Falco.

‘Fabulous furry friends’, 2014.
Fabulous furry friends


Mirrored – Friday Fun: reflective

For this weeks Friday Fun we have been asked:

reflection adds depth and dimension to our photos and our life

please use the word “Reflective’ to create by pic or words
how it has impacted your life

So something a bit seasonal, a reflection of myself, a photo from the past, and therefore a chance for reflection.

‘Mirrored’, 2014.


Fine art! – Friday Fun: Wall art

For this weeks Friday Fun we have been asked to share wall art

Well I am not sure it is ‘Fine art’, but it is on a wall!

At Beningbrough Hall you can answer a number of questions about your personality, and then have a photo of your self turned into a period masterpiece on the wall in the gallery for a few minutes.  This is me, well sort of!

‘Fine art!’, Beningbrough Hall, 2019.
Fine art!