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Early 90’s Folk – Friendly Friday Photography Challenge – Secrets

This week the friendly Friday photography challenge is:

…Well, secrets as the theme for Friendly Friday sounds a bit dramatic, what I really had in mind was that I would like you to reveal something about yourself.

Something personal or something that you haven’t told us yet.

Well I have shared a lot on here about my different passions, music, ancient monuments, sewing, dancing, photography, artwork, cats, walking, to name a few, and a look back through my blogs would certainly reveal quite a bit about me.  What secrets have I not told you?  That I am willing to tell!

We here is a photo of me taken by a friend in the early 90’s, when I used to play Bass guitar in a 7 piece folk rock band, that may well be the secret I have not told you – or perhaps there are other stories to be told about this photo!  But perhaps they are secrets I am unwilling to tell, or stories I would rather you make up!

Early 90’s Folk.


Gatehouse- Friendly Friday Photography Challenge – Photo Edits

This week the friendly Friday photography challenge is:

This week on Friendly Friday your topic is ‘photo edits’. . . Join in the fun, this week, on Friendly Friday. You are limited only by your imagination

We most of you probably realise that the photos that reach here never do so without some form of editing, I shoot primarily RAW files, but occasionally jpeg for certain situations where I want the camera to do the editing.

Therefore every photo is edited to some degree, but I see this as akin to stepping into the darkroom to develop the film, and photo!  It is just these days I have far more control and if more than simple ‘development’ is required, it is now far easier an quicker.

So choosing a recent photo here is the undeveloped RAW photo:

‘Out of the camera’, Dunster Castle, 2019.
Out of the camera

Here is a basic edit, something like what would have come out of the camera if I had shot in jpeg.

‘Basic edit’, Dunster Castle, 2019.
Basic edit

And then below a bare minimum of how I would edit, cropped, straightened, and a small amount of processing. This would be the least work a photo would have before it reached the blog or my photo albums.

‘Minimum’, Dunster Castle, 2019.

If I liked the photo it would end up with a little more tinkering. A new sky maybe, some of the saturation taken out, a little more texture.

‘Tinkering’, Dunster Castle, 2019.

But then of course if I go this far why stop! A little glow, some post Bi-filtering, and overlay, get rid of the figure in the archway.

‘Further’, Dunster Castle, 2019.Further

Maybe even pop it on the study wall to look at!

Or maybe have a further tinker and even use it for another blog post – so here is one – Altered way


Hundertwasser balconies – Friendly Friday Photography Challenge – Balconies and Alternative Version

I missed last Friday as I was away having fun, so this week a double post.

When I was researching the topic for this week’s Friendly Friday Photo Challenge, I realized that all my relevant photos were located in Europe. Except for one! I hope that you can show me some more balconies, or patios, or verandahs from all over the world.

So after a search through the archives for some Balconies:

‘Hundertwasser balconies’, Vienna, 2013.
Hundertwasser balconies

It’s not necessarily a better version of things, just a different one, composed of the choices we didn’t make. And there are so many new choices we make every moment, starting right now.

Let’s have fun with this train of thought and explore it for this week’s Friendly Friday Photo Challenge, themed Alternative Version.

So an alternative take on the original photo from which the above was a crop:

‘Hundertwasser balconies 2’, Vienna, 2013.
Hundertwasser balconies


Anglepoise – Friendly Friday Photography Challenge – Electric

This Friday we are challenged with:

The atmosphere is ‘electric’ here at Friendly Friday, as I wait for your submissions to the theme this week…

One of those photos I have no idea why I took!  I was probably settling down to sleep and just liked the image.

‘Anglepoise’, 2013.Anglepoise


Antidote – Friendly Friday Photography Challenge – Blue

This Friday we are challenged with:

Interpret the word, ‘Blue,’ however you like and make a Friendly Friday post.

It is fair to say that I have had one of ‘those’ years! It has been hard, but there have been a lot of positives to come out of the struggles.  I have spent a lot of time feeling blue, however a trip here, both to the place in question and to blog, is always a pick me up!

‘Antidote’, Carbis bay, 2019.Antidote


Ignored beauty – Friendly Friday Photography Challenge – Ignored

This Friday we are challenged with:

For this week’s Friendly Friday photo challenge, let’s hero something that has been ignored, overlooked, discarded.

This farm has steadily been falling into disrepair over the years that I have been visiting the Men-an-tol in Cornwall, to me it is a gem of a building, and it is sad to see it abandoned.

‘Ignored beauty’, near the Men-an-tol, Cornwall, 2019.Ignored beauty


Arches – Friendly Friday Photography Challenge – Fake

This Friday we are challenged with:

I’m not a photography purist but I know many people are quite opinionated about heavy photo editing. Well, here is your chance to do it with permission – let’s be fake this Friday!
If you’re not into the idea of photo editing, there are other ways to interpret the theme. You could, for instance, post photos of plastic flowers, the contents of your makeup bag, or even a tofu burger. The options are unlimited!

I quite often embrace what some people see as fake when I edit my photos, I see them as just another way to express my artistic side.  So here is a very fake photo for you.

‘Arches’, Fountains Abbey, 2019.FFFake


Warmth in the winter – Friendly Friday Photography Challenge – Sunrise

This Friday we are challenged with:

Let’s share some wonderful sunrises from around the world on Friendly Friday!

Every year we watch the sunrise here at winter solstice, I have shared pictures of this before, but here is a new one.

‘Warmth in the winter’, Brynna Common, 2016.Warmth in the winter


All on show – Friendly Friday Photography Challenge – Bricks and Tiles

This Friday, ‘The Snow Melts Somewhere’ and ‘Something to Ponder About’ with Manja who is standing in for Snow, have challenged us with:

Today I’m hosting Friendly Friday photo challenge to help out Snow Melts Somewhere for the third time. Chances are high that she will be back in two weeks when it’s her turn again. Until then she calls brick and tiles as this week’s theme. Let’s deliver!

Plenty of bricks and tiles on show here.

‘All on show’, Beningbrough Hall, 2019.All on show