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Time of the year for it! – Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Opposing Colors

This Tuesday Cee has challenged us with – Opposing Colors

Well there is plenty of Red and Green around at this time of year, but I even managed some Yellow and Purple in the second one, if you count Gold as Yellow that is!

‘Time of the year for it!’, 2020.
Time of the year for it!

Time of the year for it! - 2

Last green of Summer – Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Green

Last Tuesday Cee challenged us with – Green

Here is a photo of friends enjoying the last green of summer!

‘Madron well’, West Penwith, Cornwall, 2019.

Above of below – Tuesday Photo Challenge – Overhead

This week Frank challenges us with the topic:

As I often take the time to look at things around me from a different angle, I thought that Overhead might make a good theme. Of course, you can feel free to interpret the theme in any direction that you may wish, as the word has multiple meanings in the English language!

I thought that instead of using a photo of what was ‘overhead’, I would use a photo taken from overhead.  But it also contains another overhead photo, but that resides in my wife’s camera,  perhaps I can convince her to post ‘Below of Above’ :).

‘Above of below’, Fountains Abbey, 2019. Above of below


How does my garden grow – V.J.’S Weekly challenge #51: Green.

Well this week V.J. has challenged us with ‘Green’

Well it is not actually my garden, it is a friends, but it is certainly green, and this abundance of green life is one of the reasons I love gardens.  There is something calming about all of that life in those thousands of plants, something humbling, but something to connect to.

‘How does my garden grow’, Crowdecote, 2014.How does my garden grow