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Head seat – Pull up a Seat photo challenge 2019: Week 26

Each week at XingfuMama we are asked to ‘Pull up a seat‘.

‘Head seat’, High head sculpture valley, 2011.

Head seat


Inside the art. – Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge – Lines and Angles.

This week Cee challenges us with the topic ‘Lines and Angles‘.

Lots of lines and angles here – it is a shame that this sculpture valley closed, glad I got the chance to visit when I did.

‘Inside the art’, High head sculpture valley, 2011.Inside the art



Living art – A Photo a Week Challenge – Colorful

This week Nancy has challenged us with the topic of ‘Colorful’, saying:

I’ve done several color challenges lately, so this time I decided to go for the whole shebang. I’m looking for the most colorful thing you can find to photograph.

Well the first photo I decided to use was of the hundertwasserhaus in Vienna, a truly stunning piece of architectural art, colourful, enlivening, inspirational.  Living here would certainly colour your life.

‘Living’, hundertwasserhaus, Vienna, 2013.PAWColourful

“Just carrying a ruler with you in your pocket should be forbidden, at least on a moral basis. The ruler is the symbol of the new illiteracy. The ruler is the symptom of the new disease, disintegration of our civilisation.” – Friedensreich Hundertwasser

And of course, as I have previously posted when answering these sort of challenges about colour, one of the most colourful things I can think of is my wife, so the next photo is of her, certainly not following straight lines in this photo.

‘Sprial walking’, High head sculpture valley, Cumbria, 2011.KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA