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Beach light – Friendly Friday: Illumination

This Friday, Something to Ponder About and The Snow Melts Somewhere have challenged us with:

The prompt for this Friday is:

Well another shot of the lovely St. Ives, with Porthgwidden Beach illuminated by the lights from the beach front restaurant.

‘Beach light’, Porthgwidden Beach, St. Ives, 2017.Beach light


Illuminating door – Thursday Doors – March 28, 2019

Each week Norm asks that we post images of Doors.  So for this week here is a door from the Cathedral at Amiens.

‘Cathedral doors’, Amiens, 2012.Cathedral doors

And the same set of doors taken at night when all of the carving was illuminated by a light show.  It was truly magical to see.

‘Illuminated’, Amiens, 2012.Illuminated