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Simple – Pull up a Seat photo challenge 2019: Week 43

Each week at XingfuMama we are asked to ‘Pull up a seat‘.

I really liked the look of this one, I would quite happily have it in the garden.

‘Simple’, Dunster Castle, 2019.

Dunster Door – #ThursdayDoors: October 24th, 2019

Each week Norm asks that we post images of Doors.

And so yet another door from our visit to Dunster. Maybe this should now be a series of ‘The doors of Dunster!’

‘Dunster Door’, Dunster Castle, 2019.
Door of Dunster



Comfortable/Inside – Pull up a Seat photo challenge 2019: Week 38 & 39

Each week at XingfuMama we are asked to ‘Pull up a seat‘.

Well I was away in Daevon and Cornwall last week so here are two pictures from that trip.  I am not sure it would be comfortable, but at least it is inside!

‘Comfortable’, Dunster Castle, 2019.

‘Inside’, Dunster Castle, 2019.


The wheels that drive the hammer – Tuesday Photo Challenge: Wheel.

Well this week Frank challenges us with the topic ‘Wheel’:

After a great week of Technology, I thought it would be fun to switch to some early technology that has affected humanity’s advancement over the ages; so this week, the theme is Wheel! Of course, the Wheel comes in all shapes and sizes, and it can be a noun or a verb. I think that this might give all of you some room for exploration and creative expression, to which I very much look forward!!
So let’s wheel around and have a blast with this theme!

So I ended up using different photos to those I set out to find!  The following photos were taken at Finch foundry, the last working water-powered forge in England.  Actually these could also have been used for the previous two weeks challenges!  The first photo is of the water wheel.

‘Water power’, Finch foundry, Dartmoor, 2016.Water power

The second photo is inside the foundry directly behind the water wheel.

‘Wheels and belts’, Finch foundry, Dartmoor, 2016.Wheels and belts

The next photo is a small detail I noticed when editing the above photo, a small amount of water running in from the outside.

‘A small leak’, Finch foundry, Dartmoor, 2016.A small leak

And finally what do all these wheels do, well some of them drive this:

‘The big hammer’, Finch foundry, Dartmoor, 2016.Big hammer