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Llansteffan view – Photo for the Week – 52 – Castles

This week Bren has challenged us with:

Thank you for all your entries to last week’s challenge, WOW, some beautiful festive images. This week’s challenge theme is called Castles.

A 3 photo stitch for you this week.

‘Llansteffan view’, Llansteffan castle, 2019.


Love locked – Tuesday Photo Challenge – Lock

This week Frank challenges us with the topic:

I’ve got the feeling that many of you will lock into something rather creative!!

In much the same vein as Frank’s photo:

‘Love locked’, Llansteffan castle, 2019.TPCLock


View from Llansteffan – #SundayStills: The Great #Outdoors

This week Teri has challenged us with:

As the first half of the year comes to an end, did you experience the great outdoors?

Some of you will have already realised I enjoy getting out into the Great outdoors as much as possible, so a shot from earlier this year, spring equinox, not the best weather, but still getting out there!

‘View from Llansteffan’, Llansteffan Castle, 2019.View from Llansteffan


Love and Friendship – Sunday Stills: Why you should never look over the edge.

This week in Teri’s absence Huw has challenged us with:

Write a brand new post and share your photos, stories, poetry, or thoughts, about being on or looking over an/the edge. What do you see when looking or being on the edge of something? Describe what’s there and tell us if it’s friendly, a foe, or if it makes you feel excited.

Ok – well it has been one of those years so far, it all started at Christmas time, I am not going to go into the details, but it has been hard.  The photo below is of a safety rail atop a high tower at Llansteffan Castle, it stops you accidentally falling over, though you could climb.  The padlock is a symbol of someone’s love.  Just like this safety rail the love and friendship I have received this year help me from falling over the edge.

‘Love and Friendship’, Llansteffan Castle, 2019.Love and Friendship