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Penmaenmawr April 2019

For those of you who do not follow me on Facebook, here is a link to the set of photos I have been editing from or day out to the Druids Circle Penmaenmawr earlier in the year:

Penmaenmawr April 2019 (83 Photos)


Otherworld – Tuesday Photo Challenge – Fantasy

This week Frank has challenged us with the topic:

Your challenge is to use the theme of Fantasy and take it into your choice of creative directions; be it an image of your fantasy location, a fantasy that is in your mind, or whatever speaks fantasy to you!

Well this is the sort of thing that is going on inside my mind when I visit these ancient sites anyway, so a photo to echo my feelings.

‘Otherworld’, Burial chamber near Druids circle, Penmaenmawer, 2019.


Baa-side – Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge – Side of Things

This week Cee challenges us with the topic ‘Side of Things.

I had a lot of photos where I could not decide if I was looking at the side, or the front, or even the back, though I guess back-side may have been acceptable, or maybe even topside or underside!  What about inside?

Anyway lacking a photo of a bowl of fries or onion rings for my side, which was my first thought, and non in the freezer to cook, I thought I would follow on from last weeks lamb, with a sheep, I am fairly certain that this is the side of a sheep! Though it is almost the front as well.

‘Baa-side’, Penmaenmawr, 2019.



Remembered way – Which Way Challenge: August 8th, 2019

Each week sonofabeach96 challenges us with the following:

This Which Way challenge is all about capturing the roads, walks, trails, rails, steps, signs, etc. we move from one place to another on.  You can walk on them, climb them, drive them, ride on them, as long as the specific way is visible.  Any angle of a bridge is acceptable as are any signs.

Yesterday I said goodbye to a friend, it feels strange that I will not see him again in the physical world, this was a place I first visited with him, and it was a place we visited on one of the last occasions I saw him, goodbye for now dear chap, I will see you for the B side.  Near this spot we both made decisions that would change and shape our future lives, the results of which made us both happy, it seems odd that I chose to revisit this place this year, but somehow right.

Therefore this week I chose this way:

‘Remembered way’, Penmaenmawr, 2019.Remembered way



Imagined journey – Lens Artists Photo Challenge #53 – Your Choice

Yesterday was a special day for the Lens Artists Quartet, their 53rd post, the one year anniversary of their Challenge, and so we had a special challenge from TinaAnn-Christine, Patti, & Amy.

Your Choice

They chose Friendship , A Country That’s Special to You , Imagination , and Connected.  I like the fact that these posts all deal with the web that has grown between us all as a community across the globe, holding different views, and beliefs, but brought together every Saturday to share our pictorial thoughts.  Each week a little of our personality  is shared with the other members of our group, and we in turn learn a little more about our place in the world and how we relate to others.

Most of you are aware that I enjoy visiting ancient stones, often in remote locations, so once more I will share a photo of the ‘Druids circle’, Penmaenmawr.

‘Ancient view’, Druids circle, Penmaenmawr, 2019.Ancient view

I like to think I am taking some of you along with me for the walk, inspiring some to visit such places, or simply showing you something you otherwise would not have seen.  In my imagined world I publish a post and then members of our digital community that exists as ones and zeros to me on the whole, but who are indeed real people slowly make the trek to the stones with me.

‘Ones and Zeros’, Druids circle, Penmaenmawr, 2019.Ones and Zeros


On the trail of the stones – Tuesday Photo Challenge: Trail.

Well this week Frank challenges us with the topic:

What I like about Trail is that it has a significant number of directions to explore. Clearly, you can follow the trail of a wild animal, or hike along the Appalachian Trail, where, if you’re lagging, you could be trailing… And there could be star-trails, or light-trails

Well we quite often find ourselves following trails when we search for stone circles, this one was quite well worn, with wheel ruts, but I would stop short of calling it a road at this point.

‘On the trail of the stones’, Druids Circle, Penmaenmawr, 2019.TPCTrail