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One day – Photo for the Week – 61 – Canals and Waterways

This week Bren has challenged us with:

This week the topic is called Canals and Inland Waterways.

So we were going to visit again this year, but alas not now.  So here is a photo of the Glorious River Nith at Glencaple,  navigable at this point so it fits the bill as a waterway 🙂

‘One day’,Glencaple, 2018.
One day


Purry drool face – Photo for the Week – 58 – Fur-babies.

This week Bren has challenged us with:

So the challenge this week is – Fur-Babies. For this week’s challenge, show us images of fur-babies… it could be your pet, a cat in the neighbourhood, even a dog or cat you’ve loved during your love.  Share your furbaby images.

On of our two lovely boys – this one is Falco.

‘Purry drool face’,  2020.
Purry Drool Face


Pick and read! – Photo for the Week – 41 – Books

This week Bren challenged us with:

The theme for this week is Books.

So a Photo I have used before, of some of the shelves in our house, but edited in a new way.  It is sometimes hard to choose what book to read next, I live in a house surrounded by books, I work with books, and sometimes the choose seems daunting, indeed I sometimes walk through a literary desert where I do not read for a few weeks! In fact I am thirsty, and parched now, this is something that stresses my wife out :).  But then I will return to the  haven of the pages sometimes immersing myself in the safety of 2 or 3 imagined worlds at a time, or the imagined truth of ‘fact’. However it is easy to slip from thirst to drowning, to loose oneself entirely, and I cannot swim! Sometimes I need to come to the surface and breathe.

‘Pick and read!’, Photo for the Week – 41 – Books.
Pick and read!