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Quilting – Lens Artists Photo Challenge #51 – Unique

This week we are challenged us with:

We are looking forward to seeing your interpretation of unique, which may be a building, person, color, place, photo…

So here is a unique quilt I made for a friends 40th birthday.

‘Quilting’, 2019.Quilting


Warp and weft – Lens Artists Photo Challenge #40 – Something Different

This week it is Tina’s turn to challenge us with:

So lets see something out of the norm in your world.  Show us something different, something unusual, something we wouldn’t normally expect from you.

Well this is quite a hard challenge to fulfil, where to start? What might you not expect from me?  Well my posts are often full of ancient sites, flowers, landscapes,Cornwall, Cumbria, Wales, woodlands, beaches, gardens, music and cats, so all of these are out.  There are also quite a number of ‘oddities’ thanks to Kamie’s oddball challenges, so that takes care of ‘something unusual’ to a fair degree.

So I am off to have a think about this one!  Perhaps the most different and unusual thing would be not to post at all, not include a photo, that would be out of the norm in my world, however this is a ‘Photo Challenge’!

So some three hours on and I have decided what I want to place before you, some of you that follow my blog might remember we recently bought a new table.  Well the seats are solid and therefore we need some cushions.  Now I have not posted about this, but I also enjoy sewing, and therefore the answer was to make some seat cushion covers, and while I was at it quilted place mats and coasters to match.  So far I am two down and two to go.

‘Softer seats’, 2019.Softer seats

Also I thought I would show you what else I recently started.  In the past my wife has sewn a few patchwork bedspreads that I have then quilted.  Here is the latest completed at the end of 2018.

‘A gift for friends’, 2018.A gift for friends

Well I thought I would have a go at the patchwork as well this time, prompting the comment, “Very manly colours!”.  In my defence, a) I am a man, b) I do want it quite muted, c) There will also be red toned squares.

‘Muted’, 2019.LASomething2